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    Regal Whole Salmon and Fillets - Pure Perfection

    Regal King Salmon is harvested all year round from the clean and cold waters of the Marlborough Sounds and dispatched fresh to markets within New Zealand and around the world within 24 hours of leaving the sea.

    Regal King Salmon is a good-sized fish with firm flesh and can be served in a wide variety of cuts from fine fillets to steaks, portions or whole fish. Its attractive orange/red colour, delicate texture and characteristic rich flavour make it very appealing when served either raw, cooked or smoked. Fresh Regal King Salmon is available as whole salmon or fillets.

    Ask for Regal King Fresh Salmon at all good supermarkets and specialty fish outlets.

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    Regal Salmon Fresh Cuts

    Regal King Fresh Cuts are an exciting version of Regal fresh salmon, pinboned for your convenience.
    The Regal Fresh Cuts are already cut, just like other meats, and ready to cook. Try swapping them out with your usual proteins for healthy, exciting new meal options.