Al Brown's Salmon Grazing Platter Tips

10 Dec 2020
The 4 pillars of making a show-stopping platter from Chef Al Brown himself!
1. Variety
2. Texture
3. Salty
4. Sweet
Oh, and adding our delicious King salmon of course!! 
Having multiple combinations means all of your guests will find something they love to nibble on. Thanks for the tip Al!

Creating a grazing platter 101 - by Al Brown

  1. Anchor the platter with something special...Regal Maple Smoked Salmon would be a show stopper!
  2. Think about a sauce or a dip that works well with that….say tzatziki, preserved lemon mayonnaise, or a 'feta style' rip and dip.
  3. I’m a big fan of a freshly sliced baguette or pita bread as a softer texture to run alongside different crackers or oat biscuits.
  4. A soft cheese, ripe brie or goats cheese along with something a bit firmer, such as a gouda or aged cheddar.
  5. Preserves are next; a good sweet and acidic chutney, a fruit paste like quince or apple, or even just some simple caramelized onion. 
  6. I then like to think about something salty / briney for a grazing platter... a couple of different olives, some white anchovies or pickled vegetables.
  7. I’m a sucker for some charcuterie too. Good salami, sliced prosciutto, or some chorizo 
"For me its all about having  a variety of combinations that work, some subtle, some more aggressive, and different textures to make the platter interesting."


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