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    Beech Wood Smoked Salmon - Exquisitely Balanced

    Our Regal Beech Wood Smoked Salmon is cured in a sea salt and brown sugar mix, then smoked slowly at a low temperature over New Zealand beech wood. With its vibrant colour and faint sea salt aroma, each delicate slice has a velvety texture which delights the palate and melts in your mouth, leaving a lingering, mild and sweet smokiness.

    Regal New Zealand Beech Wood Smoked Salmon is perfect in a pasta or a salad as well as on a bagel or on a canapé. A truly versatile and healthy choice, Regal New Zealand Beech Wood Smoked Salmon can be used to complete any meal.

    Available in 100g packs.

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    Manuka Wood Smoked Salmon - Crafted Sophistication

    Manuka wood has a long tradition of being used for smoking fish and game meats in New Zealand. This deep, rich, sophisticated flavour is beautifully presented in our handcrafted Regal Manuka Wood Smoked Salmon.

    We cure it with sea salt and brown sugar, then slowly smoke it for several hours over native New Zealand Manuka wood. The result is a smoked salmon that is rich in aroma, vibrant in colour and delicious on the palate. A true “taste of New Zealand.”

    Our Regal Manuka Cold Smoked Salmon is cured with premium sea salt, smoked over Manuka woods and then sliced.

    Available in 100g packs.