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Regal's Top 35 Salmon Recipes

Make your next entertainment experience memorable with our top 35 Smoked Salmon Dinner Recipes. This list of our best recipes will surely help you out in a pinch and impress your guests!

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How to cook the perfect salmon, crispy skin, smashed potatoes

How to Cook Salmon Perfectly?

When it comes to King Salmon, it is worth knowing how to master the cooking technique, in order to make the most of our delicious salmon

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International Women's Day 2022

We celebrate everyone, from frontline to zoom calls, it is a priority for us to share in our collective wins. 

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5 of the best foods to eat during the winter to beat SAD

Feeling the winter blues? There are a number of ways to beat Seasonal Affective Disorder. One of the best? A good diet. Here’s what you need to know...

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Explained: The 5 Main Regal Salmon Cuts

Regal New Zealand King Salmon is a cut above the rest - so we’ll help you understand the different cuts in a fish, helping you to create delicious Regal King salmon meals.

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Heart Health Month: 5 heart-healthy foods

It’s Heart Health Awareness Month and we’re sharing a few heart-healthy foods to work into your diet so you can give your heart a little more love!

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NZ Superior Taste Awards Web Tiles

2021 Superior Taste Award Winner

We are starting the year with a big splash. Our premium King Salmon has just won four 2021 Superior Taste Awards from the International Taste Institute in Brussels. Here’s what that means...

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4 healthy and delicious recipes perfect for entertaining

Entertaining this summer? Feed your family and friends something delicious and nutritious with one (or two) of our tasty recipes this season!

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Regal Maple Platter 13875 2 380 Px

Al Brown's Salmon Grazing Platter Tips

The 4 pillars of making a show-stopping platter from Chef Al Brown himself!

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Regal King Salmon Flavour Profiles - Which Have You Tried?

Our salmon is tasty on its own, but add a little zest or a little spice and you’ll have a truly outstanding meal. This blog explores our unique flavour profiles and recipes to match.

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Marlborough Sounds Hero

Exploring the habitat of Regal Marlborough King Salmon

Want to learn more about your food? Our Regal King salmon calls the Marlborough Sounds home. Here’s how this region raises the best salmon in the world.

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Sriracha Mayo Salmon Sushi

5 Quick & Easy Recipes for any Occasion

5 Quick & Easy Recipes for any Occasion

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