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International Women's Day 2022

We celebrate everyone, from frontline to zoom calls, it is a priority for us to share in our collective wins. 

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Regal Maple Platter 13875 2 380 Px

Al Brown's Salmon Grazing Platter Tips

The 4 pillars of making a show-stopping platter from Chef Al Brown himself!

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Regal Range 2020 380X300

Regal King Salmon Flavour Profiles - Which Have You Tried?

Our salmon is tasty on its own, but add a little zest or a little spice and you’ll have a truly outstanding meal. This blog explores our unique flavour profiles and recipes to match.

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Marlborough Sounds Hero

Exploring the habitat of Regal Marlborough King Salmon

Want to learn more about your food? Our Regal King salmon calls the Marlborough Sounds home. Here’s how this region raises the best salmon in the world.

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Top 6 Salmon Myths Busted!

Packed full of omega 3’s, versatile to cook with and one of the lowest carbon footprint’s; salmon is pretty special. However, we get asked the same questions that often turn out to be myths, read more to see these myths busted..

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Nicoise Salad

Japanese Cuisine by Sachie Nomura AU

Eating out can be a real feast of the senses. Fear not foodies! We can create restaurant quality meals at home with a few simple hacks.

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Sure-fire foods for a healthy, hearty immune system

Right now, there is an increased focus on boosting our immunity, practicing good hygiene, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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