King Salmon Flavor Profile Guide | Regal Salmon USA

14 Dec 2020

On its own, Regal King Salmon is a delicious dining experience. The gorgeous orange color captures your first sense: sight. As the salmon travels to your mouth, your next sense is activated: smell. It’s fresh, reminiscent of the cool, clean deep seawater from where the salmon is raised. Finally, comes the most important sense: taste. The velvety, buttery texture of our salmon melts in your mouth bite after bite.


That’s just our Regal King salmon on its own. Our King Salmon also pairs perfectly with so many other zesty flavors and delicious herbs and spices that will tantalize your senses even more. 


In this blog, we explore some delicious flavor profiles and share some of our favorite recipes so you can bring them to life and taste them for yourself. 

Cold Smoked Salmon Profiles 

Beech Wood Smoked Salmon

To prepare our Beech Wood flavor, we cure the salmon in a blend of sea salt and brown sugar. We then smoke the salmon over New Zealand beech wood at a low temperature for hours. This produces a light sea salt aroma with a mild and sweet smokiness. Regal Beech Wood Smoked Salmon is super versatile and can be the star of any meal. 

Recipe to try: Coconut-lime Mexican Salmon Platter

Manuka Wood Smoked Salmon 

We cure the salmon with sea salt and brown sugar and smoke it over native New Zealand Manuka wood. Manuka wood is a traditional smoking wood for fish and game meats in New Zealand. You’ll get a beautifully rich, smoky flavor profile. It’s a classic Kiwi flavor that can go great in all your favorite meals. 

Recipe to try: Vietnamese Coconut Pancakes with Smoked Salmon

Pastrami Wood Smoked Salmon 

Our pastrami style salmon is slowly smoked over a low temperature with natural New Zealand beech wood. It’s then crusted with crushed black pepper, garlic and paprika - traditional pastrami spices. This blend of spices gives the salmon savory and spicy notes that will complement any Reuben sandwich! 

Recipe to try: Regal Pastrami Smoked Salmon and Asparagus with Parmesan and Garlic Dipping Sauce

Dill Cured Wood Smoked Salmon 

Lightly smoked then cured in a mixture of sea salt, brown sugar and dill, our dill cured smoked salmon is layered with delicious flavor. With each slice, you’ll be able to detect the delicate dill flavor as well as a moderate smokiness. It’s perfect for spicing up a potato salad!

Recipe to try: Smoked Salmon Bruschetta with Pickled Cucumber & Radishes

Wood Roasted Salmon Profiles

Beech Wood Roasted Salmon

Our Beech Wood flavor is also available in our Wood Roasted range. It has similar tasting notes, but is more flakey in texture and delivers a more buttery taste. Beech Wood goes excellently in everything from sandwiches to salads. 

Recipe to try: San Francisco Sourdough Salmon Melt

Mixed Pepper & Spices Wood Roasted Salmon  

We mix the salmon with a blend of pepper, sea salt and spices before slowly roasting over aromatic wood. The process produces a gorgeous golden exterior that flakes away to reveal the soft orange-pink salmon. The pepper flavor is just the kick many of your meals are looking for. 

Recipe to try: Wood Roasted Salmon, Caper & Sourdough Crumb Spaghetti

Sweet Chili & Lime Wood Roasted Salmon

Our Thai inspired salmon flavor is sprinkled with a blend of sweet chilies and lime. It’s then roasted over aromatic wood so it picks up that fragrant fusion of smoky and spicy flavors. Sweet Chili and Lime is an easy way to enhance the flavor of your Asian inspired meals.   

Recipe to try: Wood Roasted Smoked Salmon Rice Paper Rolls


Double Manuka Wood Roasted Salmon

Drizzled with a Manuka honey glaze and then slowly roasted over Manuka wood, the Double Manuka Wood Roasted Salmon is a sweet sensation. The salmon maintains its luxuriously buttery taste whether it’s prepared hot or cold. Enjoy Double Manuka in your favorite pizzas, pastas or salads. 

Recipe to try: Smoked Salmon Tom Yum Pizza

Have you sampled all of our flavors? Head to your nearest supermarket or shop on Amazon and try a new flavor of our delicious Regal New Zealand King Salmon for your next meal!